Commercial Real Estate needs superior infrastructure

Commercial Real Estate is craving for superior infrastructure support these days. Commercial setups can’t be treated like a usual real estate. Commercial setups require some special amenities. For this sole purpose Champion Infratech is devoting its effort in developing elite and utilitarian commercial spaces in Bangalore. We have some the best sites at affordable rates.

Why it’s ideal to invest in Commercial Real Estate

With right price and location commercial property is the most ideal financial holding. We so many constructions going on the demand for commercial real estate is on the rise in Bengaluru. Hence, every investor is trying to acquire the best deal as it will serve in long term.

Bengaluru has emerged as one of the fastest growing city in commercial real estate. With so many organizations and company’s establishing their footing in Bengaluru it’s getting bit tough to find quality commercial spaces.

As everyone knows, it’s the startup capital of the country. That’s enough to reassure everyone that commercial spaces are going to be in demand for a long time.

“One of the prime reasons to invest in the commercial property is the reliable and consistent annual returns.”

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Valuable to your business

Commercial property adds value to your business. It will act as a potential value to your property assets. We have built the trust among our clientele by delivering business focused solutions which provide them competitive advantage.

It is no brainer that having a commercial property at prime location is extremely beneficial both for assets and business. By investing in commercial property you enjoy all the accompanied benefits that come with the location.

Here are some advantages of having commercial property at a good location:

  • It can be used as an investment which is guaranteed to yield profit
  • Renting the property is easy as ideal location fetch tenants faster
  • It easily assessable and visible
  • Commercial property are an asset for loans
  • Having an office at well located commercial property is good for recruitment
  • The location of offices directly affect the visibility and credibility of the business
  • Close proximity to commercial hubs

Our Experience

Our consultants are engaged in various services like

  • Identification of Land
  • Due Diligence
  • Master Planning
  • Design Services
  • Finance and Funds Arrangement
  • Marketing
  • Contracts and other related services

How our commercial property consulting can help

In this competitive environment a client needs to formulate unique strategies to thrive. Our Commercial property consulting will help the clients to solve the complexities of real estate businesses.

It will maximize the probability of the profits that can be acquired by evaluating the customer demographics and infrastructure details.

  • Some of the things we can do for you are,
  • We will make you aware of the drivers that affect the valuation of a commercial space
  • We will introduce you to the sites which hold the potential of growth in future
  • With our help you can strategize the scale, budget and timing of the investment
  • With us by your side you can make future investment for maximizing market impact
  • We can make you realize the revenue potential of commercial space

Our Customers

We have served both private commercial enterprises and public sector organizations. Hence, we are well versed with the dynamics of both the markets. We have acquired specialized skills by performing in some highly specialist markets.

Some of the spheres we have helped our customers with are,

  • Acquisition and disposal of commercial property
  • Asset management/ managing diverse property
  • Negotiating business rates to their correct level
  • Building consultancy
  • Lease advisory
  • Valuation
  • Planning consultancy
  • Investment and funding
  • Property portfolio solutions