Companies world over are dying for superior Infrastructure support from firms that can complete their projects rapid fast. Bank ATM rooms and Infrastructure projects used to take months and years. Real estate firms across India are plagued with Builders that are taking 2.5 to 4 years to deliver on Apartment projects.

Amidst this Backdrop, Champion Infratech started with the focus of enabling Fast Construction and Infrastructure support in India. Technology and Superior Infrastructure capability combined with Automation and a meticulous network of partners orchestrated to work at ultra fast pace round the clock has made this speed of construction achievable by our construction teams.

Speaking at the inaugural ATM launch Mr. Pradeep Patil, GM for the Project commended the ultra fast support and stupendous pace at which ATM’s are getting Deployed across the State. “Thanks to the entire team at Champion Infratech that has been able to take projects live within a week from ground zero to constructing the entire ATM Rooms and deploying ATM equipment to be operational. Our coordination with ATM Vendors like Diebold and A/C vendors like Bluestar along with Superior Infrastructure Capability with Fast Pace of Deployment skills are helping us launch these operations with Full Steam and this is Going Live at a Lightning pace. We now have Fully Functional Rooms with working ATMs in Weeks. And, Yes these are permanent construction that would last a 100 years.”, He Said.

“You would have seen a bare place just 3 days ago and now it is a fully functioning Room with all the Walls, Roof, Live ATM, Network infrastructure, A/C, UPS and entire Backbone fully functional to serve the consumers cash in a Secure fashion. Next year we will be able to bid on the largest Infrastructure projects if we can keep pacing up on projects Coordinating projects Pan India. The entire Technology, Infrastructure and support system are beautifully coordinated by all our teams working in sync as a cohesive team that is making this possible.” said Rajeev, Infrastructure Manager

Mr. Ravi Shankar, Project Coordinator, said “Couple of thousand ATM’s are going live with in the next Quarter and expressed confidence on getting all these operational and enabled before end of the year. Our goal is eventually to be able to deploy Super fast project like “Hundreds of Villas in a couple of months” by honing in on the modularization and deployment of fast paced infrastructure solutions.”.

This year is a rapid expansion growth year for Champion Infratech as the Company leap frogs into being one of the fastest Infrastructure enablers across the country. For more information please visit

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