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Welcome to Champion Lagoons – Crafting
Captivating Man-made Beaches

Elevate Your Project’s Value with Stunning Beachfront Destinations, Anywhere

Transforming Real Estate Growth with Luxurious Lagoon Lifestyle and communities


Crafting Beachfront Destinations: Introducing Lagoon Living to India

Champion Lagoons leverages Crystal Lagoons® technology crafting man-made paradises, transforming any location into a beachfront destination. Whether nestled along the coast, inland, or integrated into urban landscapes, our innovative lagoons offer unparalleled beach experiences.

These meticulously designed lagoons, powered by Crystal Lagoons®, are a unique and one-of-a-kind amenity that enhances the appeal and value of properties, providing a unique selling proposition for every project and delivering high ROI for owners, investors, developers, promoters, and stakeholders.

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Providing exciting recreation for all age groups

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Lowering the world's carbon footprint

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Bringing beach life to the city

Enhance Your Development with a Vibrant Beach Lifestyle and community

Revolutionize the real estate landscape with our Crystal Lagoons® technology. These stunning creations bring the allure of the beach to your development, enticing buyers with pristine turquoise waters. Imagine exclusive cabanas and entertainment pavilions nestled around a tranquil lagoon, enriching customer experiences and lifestyles, attracting tourists, and cultivating a vibrant community. Incorporating a lagoon sets your project apart, adding significant value and attracting investors, turning your vision into a beachfront paradise.

Revolutionizing Growth in Indian Real Estate: Transformative Alliance with Champion Infratech & Crystal Lagoons

Champion Infratech, in collaboration with the global water-tech company Crystal Lagoons®, introduces a unique amenity to India. As the Official Associate of Crystal Lagoons® in India, we offer you the opportunity to integrate this exceptional feature into your projects. Our infrastructure adheres to international standards and utilizes patented technology powered by Crystal Lagoons, ensuring unparalleled quality and results. Partnering with Champion Infratech grants you access to this innovative technology, enabling you to create extraordinary projects across India. Whether you're a builder, hotel or resort owner aiming to distinguish your development, or a landowner with over 15 acres of land in India and an investor seeking lucrative opportunities, our lagoon will captivate buyers and provide a remarkable selling point. Our dedicated team stands ready to bring your vision to life.

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Ideal for Luxury Community Living

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Perfect for Luxury Hotels, Resorts & Amusement Parks

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Apt for Premium Mixed Developments

Explore the Exceptional

The unique concept and technology have changed the global real estate paradigm to become the World’s Top Amenity. Learn how modern developers and leisure facility owners in India can make the most of the key advantages offered by this innovative technology

Key Advantages

A Brand New Concept

As a completely new and unique concept in India, the offering is sure to enthrall water sports lovers across all ages by offering exhilarating adventure opportunities to enjoy the thrill

Another very important aspect of these crystalline lagoons is that they generate a safe environment that can be enjoyed by the entire family. This attracts people who normally do not practice watersports, due to the pleasant and safe environment that its idyllic beaches and paradisiac views offer.

Sustainable and Cost-effective

As a fully sustainable concept with low construction and maintenance costs, it is designed to improve the quality of life, allowing families and friends to ruminate on a beach holiday – anywhere, all through the year

The construction costs for a lagoon with Crystal Lagoons® technology are very low - even lower than those of a park of the same size. As an additional advantage, the lagoons can capture direct rainwater, reducing the amount of water needed to compensate for the loss by evaporation, and can be refilled only with rainwater in locations with intense rainfall.

Customizable and Functional

Crystal Lagoons® with play areas and creative shallow inlets are fully customizable and can be built into any shape and size, enhancing the quality of living

The lagoons powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology are filled only once, and they operate in a closed circuit. These man-made lagoons can use any type of water, including seawater and brackish water (with an unlimited abundance).

Value Addition for Real Estate

The concept has been utilized throughout residential developments, public areas, holiday destinations, and hospitality projects enhancing the potential for density of projects and creating incredible real estate value.

By creating waterfront destinations, the lagoons generate premium value to land that was previously unused or had limited use. The Public Access Lagoons™ model reduces the human impact on biodiversity by lowering visitors to beaches and coastal areas.

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Champion Infratech

(A Real Estate Division of Champions Group)

Is Now the Official Associate of Crystal Lagoons® in India

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Evaluate the Essence

Unwrap the Ideal Combination of Low Cost, High Efficiency & Huge Revenue Potential

The unique amenity brings in massive monetization potential for Real Estate Developers, Hotels, and Resorts offering exponential growth opportunities at amazingly low cost through to the highly efficient technology

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less water than a golf course

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less water than a park

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less energy consumption

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less chemicals compared to a swimming pool

A spellbinding man-made lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology

Sell the Splendor

Make a Statement with an Exclusive and Fascinating Recreational Offering

Deliver the exclusive experience of glamorous camping with beach life in any city across the country.

  • Specially-designed equipment
  • Low-cost filtration
  • Telemetric monitoring
  • Artificial aquifer recharge

Used for bathing and water sports, the lagoons have a much more intensive use than green areas, constituting more efficient usage for every liter of water.

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Evaluate the Essence

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Benefits of Public Access LagoonsTM

Perpetual year-round revenue generation through ticket sales and multiple commercial activities (hotels, events, concerts, retail, F&B, among others).

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Benefits of Autonomous Projects

Early monetization, increased sales premiums, and greater sales velocity thanks to the competitive advantage granted by the unique and fascinating amenity.

Unlocking Potential: Optimal Lagoon Sizes for Diverse Projects

A minimum recommended lagoon size of 2.4 acres is advised for privately accessed lagoon developments, including residential and mixed-use projects. For Public Access Lagoon (PAL) ventures, the lagoon size is ideally set at 10 acres. Moreover, any project with 15 acres or more of land is well-positioned to embark on a lagoon project. Additionally, we specialize in creating tourism hubs featuring lagoons, as proposed by the Government of India, State Governments, and other government bodies.


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