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Ensuring You Glide through Waves & Tides – Our End-to-End Support Services

Smart Lagoon Cities have the power to shape the future of India driving massive monetization through various types of real estate projects. Whether you’re looking to build public access lagoons, holiday resorts, amusement parks, or a smart lagoon city urban development project, we’ve got you covered end-to-end. Leverage the potential of technology, sustainable & eco-friendly designs, and community-focused projects that redefine luxury and exclusivity.

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Pre-Start-Up Assistance

  • Identifying priorities and desired outcomes
  • Including resiliency-focused goals
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Enhancing resident engagement
  • Strengthening community resiliency
  • Improving public safety
  • Bridging the equity gap
  • Integrating new capabilities into current systems and processes
  • Licensing of intellectual property
  • Sharing technical specifications, recommendations, and guidelines for technology implementation
  • Masterplan proposal and conceptual designing of the lagoon adapted to different levels of investment and infrastructure
  • Review visits all through the construction phase
  • Ongoing marketing and PR support to help clients in promoting their Crystal Lagoons® amenities

Post-Start-Up Assistance

  • Maintenance guidance and supervision
  • Routine and emergency operational visits
  • Ongoing training of local staff and maintenance personnel
  • 24/7 telemetric operation system managed online by the Crystal Lagoons® Control Center (CLCC). (The application of additives is determined electronically by injectors and sensors strategically located in the Lagoon, reporting the physio-chemical properties of the water)
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  • Access to new developments and improvements during the license period
  • Access to proprietary equipment
  • Identify high-impact projects and potential business models
  • Include program statements, recommend solutions, and state expected benefits


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