Super Savings from Superfan

If Superfan technology replaces all 350 millions of ceiling fans in India the energy saving would be worth about Rs. 9000 crores in electricity bill every year. Apart from this there is even a bigger saving if you include the power generation costs and accompanying reduction in environmental damage!

Chennai as a city has 26 lakhs domestic electricity connections and if there is minimum one ceiling fan with each connection, then the demand created by those ceiling fans would be about 100MW. Superfan can bring this demand down to 44MW and that would amount to savings of 26 lakhs of rupees per day if we assume 9 hours of running each day.

Pay Less for using ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a very common household appliance in a tropical country like ours. They are used for many hours every day and year around. By consuming only half the electricity, Superfan saves thousands of rupees in its life time. Here is a comparison of Superfan with good brand of ordinary ceiling fan:

Power consumption in Watts
Ordinary Ceiling Fan Superfan*
Low 12 4
Medium 39 14
High 75 35
*Please note that Superfan delivers same or more air than ordinary fans.







Here is how much Superfan saves when used for different durations at various speeds:

Savings per year in Rupees*
Fan Speed
Hours used per day
8 10 16 20 24
Low 128 161 257 321 385
Medium 402 502 803 1004 1205
High 642 803 1285 1606 1927
*Based on Rs. 5.50 per Unit






Above table illustrates huge savings possible with Superfan for a variety of users like hospitals, educational institutes, commercial establishments, factories and individual households.

Calculate the amount of Rupees you save per year by using Superfan

Change the values in the below table to get the result.

Total Savings per year* Rs.


*Based on Medium Speed